Mages are adept at controlling Fire and Water, but Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, are what a Wizard knows how to shape into deadly spells to use against their enemies. Cloth armor may leave a Wizard vulnerable to attack, but most enemies will never get close enough to take advantage of this weakness when they find themselves immobilized by the power of Earth, and then bombarded by fire, water, and air. As well as powerful single target magical attacks, Wizards can also learn to create powerful solar storms which affects multiple enemies in the area it is summoned making the Wizard a force to be reckoned with. They are ideal for players who enjoy weaving powerful spells and crippling their enemies with elemental attacks.

A Wizard later chooses to become Moonflame Envoy or Galaxy Sage.

Active SkillsEdit

Type Icon Name Element Description
Offensive Fire Ball Fire Cast a fireball at your enemy.
Lightning Air Electrify your target.
Solar Storm Fire Summon a solar storm in a selected area which hits up to 6 enemies.
Misc. Medusa's Gaze Earth Immobilizes your target.
Mercury Signet Air Increase target's maximum MP.
Elemental Aegis Air Creates a shield on a selected teammate that can absorb elemental damage.
Carabosse's Whisper Air Puts a target to sleep through hypnosis.
Traverse Earth Instantly teleports the caster to a targeted area.
Cleanse Spirit Air Removes a non-physical negative effect on an ally.

Passive SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Enlightment Increases maximum MP.
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