If you prefer to protect allies in battle with your mighty shield or favor guns over magical spells, the Warrior is the way for you. You can specialize to become Knight, master of the sword, or Gunner, skilled in ranged combat.

Active SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Relentless Assault Inflicts a normal attack plus 2 points of damage on a single target.
Vengeful Blade

Inflicts the damage of a normal attack on a single target and reduces its Physical Defense by 80 points. The target will generate an equivalent amount of Hostility against you and will temporarily suffer 10% extra damage when under Physical Critical Hit. The Vengeful Blade effect can be Stacked on 5 times.

Tremor Inflicts 4 points of Physical Damage on a single target and reduces its Movement Speed by 275 points.
Rend Immediately inflicts the damage of 85% Physical Attack and then inflicts 3 points of Damage every 3 seconds. This effect can be stacked twice.
Shield Slam Inflicts 8 points of Physical Damage and causes dizziness to the target. In the state of dizziness, chance of under Physical Critical Hit Attack will increase by 75%

Passive SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Combat Training Enables you to use a heavy shield and increases the Accuracy of Melee Attack by 5%.
Toughness Increases CON by 4 points. While not in combat, increases HP Recovery Rate by 6.
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