With their Priest origin, Sun Commissioner learns the highest ranks of healing skills including a powerful spell that can restore full health for a single ally. They also have a buff to increase the constitution of surrounding teammates. Not all of the Sun Commissioner's skills are for healing and it would be unwise to underestimate them in combat. They gain access to divine spells that can inflict serious damage on enemies.

Active SkillsEdit

Type Icon Name Element Description
Divine Judgement Water Judge your target after a period of time.
Terra Shard Earth Fire Terra Shard at your target.
Divine Fire Fire Set your enemy ablaze dealing Fire Damage every 3 seconds.
Frigid Bolt Water Fires a bolt of ice at a target every 1.1 and reduce Movement Speed.
Underworld Blessing Fire Grants the caster immunity to skills, both active and passive. While this skill is in effect, the caster cannot use skills either.
Revitalize Earth Increases the CON points of your teamates within a certain radius around the caster.
Divine Restoration Fire Instantly restores HP to full.
Aegis Fire Creates a protective shield on a teammate which can absorb physical and elemental damage.
Cleansing Breath Water Removes negative Physical skill effects from one teammate.
Midnight Haze Air Cloak yourself in a magical haze which increases the chance that a monster attacking you will change targets.
Psyche's Greater Heal Water Recover your target's HP.
Psyche's Healing Rain Water Heals all your teammates within 10 yards .
Psyche's Healing Touch Air Restores your target's HP .
Psyche's Kiss Fire Heals a friendly target every 2 seconds.
Revive Earth Resurrects a teammate. Unable to use during battle.
Preservation Water Recovers your HP.

Special SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Sun Avenger Instantly transforms the caster into a Sun Avenger.
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