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To endure our future, we must first understand the past…

…for it contains the trials and victories that have shaped our present. I have dedicated my life to compiling an earnest record of the events that have led up to our lamentable time; that someone may find these writings and use them to bring peace to our world once more.

I will not live to see that time, but it is enough if my words can provide the foundation to that end.Should the burden of peace fall to you, may the gods bless your journey.  (After First Rift)

The Oracle Speaks

In the ancient times, there lived a woman named Pythia. She was known to all as the “Oracle of Delphi,” for her divinations were so exact, even the gods themselves were awed by her ability.

One night, as she sat in silent meditation, she felt a tiny spark of heat flicker in her heart. Suddenly, white-hot energy shot through her entire system, uncontrollable and so unbearable, she thought her life was about to end. But in the next moment, the strange power vanished entirely.

Whispered words filled Pythia’s ears. She listened intently. 

A Lucent Heart.

Possessed by she who resides on Mount Olympus.

Though faint at first, the power will grow.

A destructive power.Both desired and feared.

Loved and hated.

God will turn against god.

A thousand years of war.

And darkness sealed by life lost. Quiet filled the room once more.

Of all she had experienced, no past divination had ever caused Pythia such despair as this one. That night, she did not sleep. She strained her senses to pick up any semblance of otherworldly advice, but it did not come. 

At first light, all of Mount Olympus descended upon the Delphic temple. To Pythia’s surprise, the deities did not seem alarmed in the slightest. In fact, some already seemed to be predicting in which goddess the Lucent Heart would manifest. Vainglorious goddesses huddled together, already boasting about the feats they’d accomplish after receiving the power of the Lucent Heart. Only the oldest and wisest gods and goddesses gathered to consider the implications of this new, foreboding power.

These gods and goddesses had witnessed the creation of the universe and all within it. They knew the nature of the younger generation of gods. Though thousands of years old already, they were still rather immature and easily swayed. All, that is, except for one goddess -- the protector of magic and guardian of crossroads, the Goddess Hecate. 

Since arriving at the temple, Hecate had been weaving through the assembled deities, trying to learn the truth about the Lucent Heart amidst the deafening blather of the audacious goddesses. Finally, she caught sight of the congregation of elders. They were sure to know something. But before Hecate could take another step in their direction, a firm hand gripped her shoulder.

Part II Edit

The Goddess of Crossroads

Hecate spun around, meeting the roguish gaze of Zeus, the young God of Thunder. Though slightly younger than Hecate, he had already established quite a reputation for himself. 

He was as flirtatious and cocky as Hecate was level-headed – and no wonder – his paralyzing good looks and disarming voice made him practically irresistible to many of the goddesses (as well as nymphs, humans, and anything else that could potentially be considered female).

Now, at this time, Zeus was not the all-powerful sovereign of Mount Olympus we think of today -- in fact, Mount Olympus had no sovereign, for there had been no need. 

Years earlier, the gods and goddesses had been imprisoned by the titans of the world. Zeus had evaded their grasp and helped the other deities to freedom. The gods and goddesses had been so overjoyed and thankful at having their lives restored, they made special effort to work together and refrain from quarreling. 

But as time had passed, their thankfulness wore thin. Arguments had started to break out on a daily basis, and Gaia, the oldest and wisest of all, decided she would name one of her sons – Poseidon, Hades, or Zeus – as supreme leader of the gods.

So on this day, while the rest of the gods and goddesses were occupied with thoughts of the Lucent Heart, Zeus had his own agenda – seeking out the deities he would ask to be part of his future court, starting with the wise Hecate.

The two gods had only interacted with one another briefly before, so Zeus was unsure of how to persuade Hecate to place her trust in him. First, he tried his usual approach -- seduction. But a gaze that would have had sent other goddesses racing into his arms only left Hecate with a slightly confused expression on her face.

Zeus tried once more, this time using flattery. He spoke of her wisdom exceeding her years and how even the elder gods and goddesses looked to her as a role model for future generations. As Zeus showered her with praise, Hecate remained nearly expressionless, offering only a stiff smile and nodding to be polite. 

But then the young god said something that surprised her so much, she lost her composure for a moment. Zeus suggested that she would possess the Lucent Heart; that everything he had known and observed about her was proof that she would be its bearer. At that moment, the rest of Zeus’ praise was instantly drowned out by Hecate’s own racing thoughts.

As the goddess of crossroads, Hecate was used to observing the different paths others could choose to take in life. She hadn’t expected to come to a crossroads, herself. Should she entertain the idea that she really did possess the Lucent Heart or should she ignore such a notion and continue on as she always had?

And so began an internal argument with herself, full of reasons why she could and could not possibly be the Lucent Heart’s bearer. All of the goddesses were likely candidates at this point, for the power had not yet revealed itself. However, she had often been told that her powers were stronger than those of other deities her age. It was not hard to imagine that the Lucent Heart could be responsible for that strength. 

But before she could continue debating with herself, she remembered Zeus, and looked up to find him staring expectantly at her, looking just as confused as she had earlier. A moment later, a bemused smirk replaced the confusion and he bowed to her. He asked her to consider his offer; that his court would suffer greatly if she refused to be his dedicated advisor. Then he slipped away, off to charm the other candidates.

Hecate pondered Zeus’ words for days. She thought of asking the elders for advice on the matter, but didn’t want to seem like the other goddesses -- all of whom were so certain they already possessed the Lucent Heart, they’d begun parading around Mount Olympus and demanding reverence. Instead, Hecate shut herself away from the rest of the world. She spent hours in deep mediation, only emerging once she’d come to a conclusion she felt satisfied with.

She would devise a series of tests for herself, each more demanding in power than the last. If she could see a significant increase in her power, she would begin to actively prepare for when the Lucent Heart  would reveal its full potential. She would have to train herself to be able to withstand its immense power, or it would easily overcome her, just as it had overpowered the Oracle. 

But first, she decided to give Zeus her answer. After all, it had been several days since he approached her. It would be rude to make him wait any longer.

After hours of searching across Mount Olympus, she finally found the potential supreme leader of the gods. She crossed her arms, expression turning sour as she looked at the scene before her.

Part III Edit

Now, before I continue, I must explain that the credibility of this part of the story is… rather questionable, I’m afraid. You see, this portion of history has been passed down verbally from nymph to nymph. 

Nymphs make for poor historians – in their minds, the only important details are the ones that relate to them, specifically. A nymph will remember every detail of a celebration in her honor, but absolutely none of any of her friends’. However, after speaking with a great many nymphs, I believe I have a fairly good idea of what transpired. 

A Bevy of BeautiesEdit

There sat Zeus, potential future ruler of all, surrounded by no fewer than fifty nymphs – some peeling grapes, others taking turns feeding him the grapes, some fanning him, but most pushing and shoving for the space closest to him. With so many giggling creatures draped over him, Hecate couldn’t make out a single speck of Zeus’ white tunic – or at least, she hoped there was a tunic underneath. 

Zeus, meanwhile, was fully aware of her presence. He waited, curious to see if Hecate would join in, but as the scowl on her face depended, he quickly decided it would be best to dismiss the scantily-clad crowd. With a clap of his hands, the beautiful creatures darted away, back into the trees and waters from whence they came. 

Zeus remained comfortably stretched out against a smooth boulder, waiting for the visibly irritated goddess to speak. 

“I have come to give you my answer, my lord. I humbly accept the invitation to join your court. As for the condition of my powers, I am not entirely convinced that I possess the Lucent Heart. I have devised a series of tests to determine whether or not my powers are increasing at an unnatural pace.” 

At this, the young god rose to his feet, bowed, and with an impish grin replied, “I am honored, my lady. And if these tests will put your mind at ease, you have my blessing.” 

Unfortunately, it’s uncertain what happened next. At the sound of what the nymphs refer to as his “overwhelmingly seductive” voice, the vast majority of them fell into a swoon and only awoke after the two gods had moved on from the area. 

Unusual ResearchEdit

Hecate wasted no time in beginning her training. She started with simple tasks – changing the color of frogs and fish, and purifying rivers and springs. 

Soon, she progressed to more difficult work, often asking the elder gods and goddesses to allow her take part in their vocations. She spent much time helping Demeter raise entire fields filled with crops or Hades in gathering the souls of the dead. 

In only a few short weeks, she could create entirely new species of plants out of thin air, and teach the dead to regain their ability to speak. It is my belief that the magic she developed during this time is just the sort that plagues our land now, though in those days, Hecate used her powers for good and just purposes. 

Word of her helpful acts spread throughout Mount Olympus. Gods and goddesses from all over Mount Olympus began asking Hecate to assist them with their tasks, and Hecate was only too happy to oblige. She hungrily accepted any opportunity that arose, eager to push the limits of her powers further. 

Zeus continued to praise her efforts, though he still did not believe any of this was necessary. He did, however, enjoy the benefits that stemmed from her unusual form of research. 

His mother, the Supreme Goddess, Gaia, was well pleased with his choice of court – especially the kind and helpful Hecate. In fact, some say Gaia had planned to grant full authority over Mount Olympus to Poseidon, but after witnessing the acts of Hecate, she changed her mind. 

At first, Hecate felt a little unworthy of the multitudes of praise she received. After all, she was primarily using her powers in order to strengthen them, not to help her fellow gods. But as time went on, and the subject of praise shifted from her kind acts to the incredible power she possessed, Hecate began to feel not only worthy of such praise, she came to expect it. 

She became increasingly proud of the attention her magic was garnering. By this time, she was the goddess who could make mountains rise higher or lower at her  command, or create passageways where they shouldn’t be possible. She could teach animals to speak and sing, and move beams of sunlight with the mere flick of a finger.

As you might imagine, nearly all of Mount Olympus began to proclaim Hecate as the bearer of the Lucent Heart. Only Hecate herself remained to be convinced. She easily considered herself the most powerful goddess on Mount Olympus, but she needed one more test to be sure that she was the Lucent Heart’s chosen one. 

And she knew just how to go about it.

The Final TestEdit

The most powerful, most volatile substance god or man has ever known is the very fabric of the universe itself. At the time, no one god had the power to transform the stars by themselves – perhaps not even ten gods together would be enough! But if Hecate was truly the Lucent Heart’s bearer, she would be able to wield the power of the stars easily.

A few days before Gaia was to announce her successor, Hecate interrupted another of the nymphs’ afternoons with Zeus, eager to tell him of her plan. The jealous creatures leered at the goddess as they reluctantly made themselves scarce again.

When they had dispersed, Hecate calmly explained how she’d found a relatively small star that she planned to split in half. It would take an incredible amount of power, and would only be possible if she held the Lucent Heart. 

Zeus, who hadn’t taken much interest in her previous tests, now sat straight up, eyes fixed upon her with deadly seriousness.

“I forbid it.”

I am told that although he did not shout, the sternness of his voice shook birds from their nests and caused the earth to shudder.

Hecate’s eyes widened in utter disbelief. Had he really forbidden her? “…My lord?”

“I expressly forbid it.” His tone remained even.

Hecate’s eyes flashed with anger. She could feel a sudden rush of hatred coursing through her with such intensity, it startled her. 

But Zeus mistook her reaction as one of fear from his harsh words. He tried to explain, this time in softer tones. “No one should tamper with the heavens. We simply do not know enough about them. I think you’ve tested your abilities enough, don’t you?”

The searing energy continued to rise. Her eardrums pounded, her vision blurred. Hecate wondered, was the Lucent Heart awakening within her? She had to calm down. She had to keep it under control.

She shut her eyes tight and bowed. “As you wish, my lord.”

Zeus, satisfied with her reply, reclined once again against the smooth stones and Hecate, fighting to keep her anger in check, hurriedly dismissed herself. 

At this, the nymphs erupted from their hiding places and settled themselves back into their original positions – all except one. 

The one we now know as “Nymph.”

Nymph did not approve of the look Hecate had given her beloved Zeus, nor did she like the suspicious way the goddess had taken her leave. She decided to follow Hecate, lest she attempt anything that might harm the handsome young god.

Little did Nymph realize it would be this very action that would separate her from the rest of her kind forever.

Part V Edit

Good Zeus, it’s getting colder by the minute here…

If you’re still reading, know that you have made me happier than I’ve been in quite a long time. Even as I write, I am beginning to feel as though I am writing to a friend, not someone I fear I’ll never have the chance to meet.

My dear friend, if there is one thing I’ve learned after my many, many years in this world, it’s that it is entirely possible to find good even in the midst of evil. Allow an old man a slight digression.

There was once a giant who had gone through most of his life the same as any other of his kind, thinking of nothing else but the downfall of his enemies. During a particularly terrible battle, he was left for dead by the rest of his clan. A group of human mages took pity on him and restored him to health.

Though it would eventually cost him his own life, he stayed on with the humans, trying to work towards peace between the two warring species. During the short while I knew him, he related to me one of the most important pieces of our history – the events that led to the birth of our revered Goddess Theia and her corrupted sister, Cadena. You see, he had been present during Hecate’s final test.


The sun had not yet begun to rise when the Goddess Hecate arrived at the Thunder Clan’s Stronghold. She was met with resounding cries of “Hail Goddess Hecate! Hail Goddess Hecate!”

Hecate smiled to herself. Once she knew for certain she was the bearer of the Lucent Heart, not only would she have the praise of these creatures, but all of Mount Olympus as well. Why, if she possessed the power of the Lucent Heart, Zeus’ rule would be a mere formality! Hecate would be the true decision maker. After all, who would dare to argue with the most powerful being in the universe?

“My trusted companions, this is a day you will remember for all eternity! You shall tell your children and your children’s children about how on this day you helped me to awaken the power of the Lucent Heart! Make ready for the heavens and do not be afraid! With my power, no harm shall befall you!”

Now as the giant told me this, I was most perplexed. Why would Hecate, who at this point was nearly mad with power, need the assistance of giants in the first place?

In truth, no matter how much she tried to convince herself that the Lucent Heart was hers, there was still a tiny nagging feeling in the depths of her soul that told her she did not possess it, and a mere whisper of Zeus’ warning that caused her to worry that her actions could indeed disrupt the universe. So you might say that the giants were there as a sort of “plan B” in case anything should go awry.

The goddess produced a giant caldron in the center of the crowd. Bottle after bottle of strangely-colored brew manifested itself at her command. She poured each of these into the massive pot, then, with the same sharp stone she’d used before, she pricked her finger and squeezed one drop of blood into the very center of the concoction.

With a wave of her hand, flames roared down the mountainside and sprung high around the cauldron, sending the strange substance into a vigorous boil instantly.

With another wave, the concoction cooled and the Dark Goddess invited all in attendance to drink.

One by one, they sipped the brew, and one by one, their skin developed a faint purple glow. Each began to feel strangely lightheaded, and some began to doubt Hecate.

“What poison is this!? We were foolish to trust you!”

“We will fight you to the last!”

But Hecate remained perfectly calm. “Be still, my friends. No mortal creature ever lived that could weather the effect of goddess blood so quickly. You will feel better in a moment.”

True to her word, each giant in turn began to feel a surge of incredible power racing through their veins. Their senses were heightened, their bodies strengthened, and what’s more…

…they were hovering off the ground.

It was time. In a short while, Hecate would know once and for all if the Lucent Heart was hers.

To the Heavens

It was a sight no one had ever dreamed possible – thousands of giants, gliding with ease through the air, racing up higher and higher beyond the reach of any other bird or beast.

It was strange to see Acadia so far below them. The universe spread out before them, serene and silent. 

Soon, the star Hecate had chosen came into view. Though it was nearly too small to be considered a star, its massive size overwhelmed those before it. The giants carefully spread themselves out around its perimeter and readied themselves for Hecate’s direction.

Hecate closed her eyes. Her heart was pounding against her chest so hard, her ears throbbed from its beating. “This is the path I chose… I will see it through…” She whispered, willing herself to calm down.

She reached out towards the star. Her palms began to glow… then her fingers… arms… and eyes.

The star began to glow brighter… then suddenly, it shuddered violently! Hecate growled as she struggled to regain her hold on it.

Within moments, every inch of her body felt as though it was being burned alive! Searing pain flowed from her fingertips, and it was as if some force was literally ripping her power from her. This wasn’t right. This shouldn’t be happening.

“…Lucent Heart! I command you… awaken!” The goddess cried.

Another electric burst of power shot forth from her, causing a slight tear in the star’s surface. Its flames soared higher, blinding her momentarily.

Frustration, pain, and fear swirled in Hecate’s eyes. The giants could only look on, waiting with bated breath for the moment Hecate might need their support.

Hecate lost all awareness of her body. The excruciating pain was far too great, even for an immortal being. Still, she pressed on, sending another surge of energy at the star.

The tear deepened, but as it did, the heavenly body was sent into an erratic fit, as if trying to free itself from the goddess’ reigns.

Hecate held fast. “L-Lucent H-ar… I must… h-have it…”

It was all too clear. Hecate was not the chosen one.

Suddenly, she felt it. The godly power that had been draining from her was nearly out. She was on the verge of becoming mortal.

And a mortal within the depths of space would not survive beyond a moment.

“G-Giants! …H-Help me!” She gasped.

Almost instinctively, the giants raised their hands to the star. Hecate’s power sprang forth and joined together to create a barrier. The giants struggled to hold their positions as flame and stardust swirled around them.

Hecate ruefully released her hold.

“No… How…? How can this be…?” She choked.

All this time.

All of the praise, the accolades, the assurances that she was the one…

How could this have happened?

Hecate was startled from her miserable thoughts by the frightened cries of the giants. They, too, were nearing the end of their godly powers. Her own had replenished only slightly after her brief rest, but she knew she couldn’t leave the star in such a state.

“Be strong, my brothers and sisters! We shall seal the star!”

Hecate blasted the star’s tear. The giants’ barrier instantly dispersed and their energy was drawn to Hecate’s beam.

The star shuddered again and again, but each movement seemed to diminish in magnitude, until the star quietly bobbed in front of them.

The giants were nearly devoid of Hecate’s power. She knew she couldn’t let them die – not because of sentimental reasons, but because the giants would swiftly respond with an all-out war against her and the rest of Mount Olympus. An unstable star was more than enough to worry about for now.

“…Go! Return to the world!” Hecate waved her hand weakly and the giants began to descend automatically toward familiar ground.

My giant friend was among the very last in the long formation gliding away from the star, and the memory of what he saw never faded…

Hecate, face contorting with pain, was trying hard to seal the tear, but at some point, she looked as though she’d realized her efforts were futile. The glow about her body faded and her pained expression changed to one of worry.

A massive amount of stardust was swirling near the tear. Every so often, the remnants of Hecate’s power flickered and fizzled through the dust before settling in with a faint glow. The giant had never seen anything like it before.

But all too soon, both the goddess and the star were out of sight and moments later, his feet touched Acadian soil.  

To be continued...

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Part VI Edit

The Miracle

My friend, do you remember the Oracle from the beginning of my story? It had been quite some time since the spirits had told her of anything monumental, and she had almost forgotten what their insistent whispers sounded like. In fact, so much time had passed since the foretelling of the Lucent Heart, she had begun to take up other occupations to while away the hours.

On the day of Hecate’s test, the Oracle was busying herself with a spindle and handloom when the long-forgotten voices filled her ears.

This is a joyous day!

We shall remember this day always!

They are born!

One will try to destroy the world.

One will try to save the world.

The Lucent Heart will come!

Speak of this to Zeus and no one else.

Make haste!

The Oracle strained her senses and pleaded to hear more. Who were “they” and how could this be a cause for celebration if one would “try to destroy the world”? But just as they had long ago, the spirits left her to ponder their enigmatic message.

It would not be until many, many years later when they would finally explain:

“From the stardust of that fateful star, from the remnants of the Goddess Hecate’s powers, did come into existence the Twin Goddesses, Theia and Cadena. Hecate’s homing power did lead them through the heavens, to follow their unknowing mother to the land of her origin.”

…But that’s for a little later on, for while her actions had unwittingly brought her daughters life, Hecate felt as though she was on the verge of death.

Fallen Goddess

In a few short hours, the celebration for Zeus’ appointment to Head God would begin, but instead of informing the new lord of Mount Olympus that she now possessed the Lucent Heart, Hecate would be trying to conceal her incredibly weakened state. She was thankful not to be anywhere near the throne of the gods at the moment. What an unthinkable sight – the mighty Hecate, sitting slumped upon the cracked ground of the Giants’ territory, breathing hard and raggedly.

The Giants, for their part, had nearly regained their full strength. They crowded around the goddess, silently contemplating their next move. If Hecate didn’t possess the Lucent Heart, she couldn’t help them regain their rightful place on Mount Olympus. If that was the case, she’d proven to be just like the other gods -- unable to keep her word to the Giants. Hecate knew she was in a dangerous position, for though they couldn’t kill her, there were some things far worse than death where Giants were concerned.

Dear friend, if you are ever in some form of trouble with a giant, and you have the extremely rare opportunity to negotiate with him, your freedom is practically guaranteed so long as you remember this: repetition, repetition, repetition.

When giants are angry, they don’t listen as carefully as they should. They begin to listen for one thing only – that which they want most. You can spout love sonnets or pour your heart and soul out to them, but they’ll never register anything you say, unless you continue to repeat exactly what they want to hear.

Thankfully, Hecate knew this, so she bought herself valuable time.

“My brothers, my sisters, the Lucent Heart does not do as we wish, it does as it wishes. I thought I could force its power to appear… I was wrong. But I assure you, the Lucent Heart will manifest itself.” It was true, the power would appear… eventually. She could see some of the giants pricking up their ears. It was working…

“The only way you’ll be able to return to Mount Olympus is with the power of the Lucent Heart on your side!” Again, true.

On and on this went, and before long, not only was she back in the giants’ good graces, she had somehow convinced them to give her additional help when she called on them next.

The Festivities Begin

High above, all of Mount Olympus was celebrating. The gods and goddesses rejoiced knowing they had a leader once more -- the mighty Zeus. Though many expected the jovial god to be putting the goddesses in a swoon or trying to out-drink the God of Wine himself, for what seemed like the first time, Zeus conducted himself with all the dignity and poise of a long-revered leader.

He stood gazing at the gods and goddesses drinking and dancing. He was now responsible for all of them – a very sobering thought for someone who until very recently had considered his own wellbeing alone. But he had faith that he’d be a good leader -- he and his court of advisors. It was then that he remembered Hecate. He scanned the crowd for the goddess, but did not see her. It was very unlike her to be late…

Hecate, meanwhile, had returned home and had just finished dressing in her best tunic. She was hoping the flashy garment would draw the deities’ attention more than her weak appearance. Even the ordinary act of teleporting to the festivities hall would drain the precious traces of power she had regained. Still, as an official member of Zeus’ court, not attending would cause more of a stir than her ragged appearance would.

The journey took more out of Hecate than she’d hoped and she had to hobble away to a hidden corner of the entrance plaza to regain her composure before facing her fellow deities. As her breathing calmed, she listened to her surroundings, expecting to hear the happy chatter of the partygoers. Instead, she heard faint voices in the distance. It was unusual for such an important celebration to take place anywhere other than the main hall.

She followed the sound of the voices, until she caught sight of the other gods and goddesses in the gardens. They were all gathered around something, and their heads and arms whipped this way and that in excited conversation. Hecate slid through the crowd, until she caught a glimpse of what had caused such a commotion.

The Twins

There stood Zeus in the center of the crowds, holding a tiny infant girl in each arm. The slumbering infant on his right had bright turquoise hair and thin, pointed ears, and the one on his left had rich auburn hair and feathery red ears, but both shared the same face and the same soft purple glow about them.

At that moment, Zeus looked up and caught sight of Hecate’s perplexed expression. “Ah, Hecate! I wondered where you’d hidden yourself! Look! A gift from the heavens! No one seems to know where they came from, though they are most assuredly goddess in nature. Come! See for yourself!”

The gathered deities, stood aside as Hecate hesitantly approached the three. Before she could speak, Zeus was already handing her the turquoise-haired child.

A tiny jolt of energy shot through Hecate as she received the tiny goddess. The little one must’ve felt it too, because at that moment, she opened her eyes slightly and looked up at Hecate before fluttering them closed again. A strange sensation came over the astonished goddess – that sudden pulse felt so familiar… and yet it was gone too quickly for her to recognize where she’d felt it before. Just holding this child felt strangely habitual, though Hecate had spent very little time with young children.

“I didn’t expect you to be such a natural!” Zeus laughed good-naturedly, “I’d almost swear she was yours!”

Hecate looked from face to face, all staring at her and the tiny goddess in her arms. Suddenly, she felt her power ebb and flow between herself and the young goddess. The tiny purple glow surrounding her seemed to flare and dim ever so slightly, matching the flux of power. Frightened by this unusual turn of events, Hecate quickly passed the child along to the Goddess Aphrodite, who was eagerly waiting to hold the tiny girl.  At the moment the two had separated, Hecate felt her powers stabilizing, and noticed that the faint glow around the infant had also returned to normal.

She watched as Aphrodite bounced the sleeping child up and down as she babbled excitedly about “what a beauty she’s sure to be when she’s older,” but the child’s aura did not waver this time, and Aphrodite didn’t seem to react to the child’s energy.

But before Hecate could ponder the situation further, her thoughts were interrupted by the appearance of another surprise visitor – the Oracle.

“Zeus, forgive me, but I must speak with you.”

To be continued...

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