The Solar Guardian is an advance profession utilizing weapons that of the Sword, Shield, and Two handed Sword categories in Lucent Heart. It branches off from the Knight base class similar to that of the Celestial Templar. Like the other advance professions, you can obtain it by completing the certain job change quest.

Active SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Relentless Assault Deals increased attack damage plus additional damage to your target.
Executioner’s Blow An instant attack that will ignore armor and deal normal attack damage plus additional damage if target is below 38% health.
Whirlwind Deals physical damage to the enemies around you.
Vengeful Blade Inflicts the damage of a normal attack on a single target and reduces its Physical Defense . The target will generate an equivalent amount of Hostility against you. The Vengeful Blade effect can be stacked on 5 times.
Rupture Instantly damages your target and increases that target's hostility towards you while reducing its movement speed.
Fissure Smash the ground and stun your enemy.
Provoke Provokes ememies within a radius of you to attack you.
Shield Stance Increase the chance to block melee physical attacks, ranged physical attacks, and increases hostility generated. Decreases movement speed.
Taunt Taunts an enemy to attack you.
Charge Charges toward a slected location.
Shield Slam Deals damage to your target and stuns it. A stunned enemey's chance to fall victim to a physical critical hit is increased by 75%.
Battle Stance Increases attack speed by 25%, but increases critical damage dealt to you by 20%.
Solar Flare When a monster attacks you, it has a 50% chance of burning them. Burning targets have a 75% increased chance to be Critically Hit.
Lurid Sickle Hits up to 4 targets within 4.5 meters for normal attack damage plus additional damage and slows enemy Movement Speed by 275. Increases chance to critically hit targets by 75%.
Enervating Strike Consume 20 Positive Emotion to deal 200% Attack Damage.
Blade Dance Attacks up to 4 enemies within 4.5 meters. If the targets have less than 30% HP, this attack ignores defense and deals additional damage. If targets have higher than 30% HP it deals normal attack damage.
Sideswipe Charge into the target, dealing normal attack damage plus additional damage. Stuns for 2 seconds, increasing Critical Hit Chance by 75%.

Passive SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Heavy Shield Training Enables you to use a heavy shield.
Two-Handed Weapon Training Enables you to use two-handed melee weapons.
Toughness Increases constitution and non-combat HP recovery.
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