There are a large number of Mounts in Lucent Heart, and a number of ways to find or buy them. Mounts can also be defined into two types. Mounts and Battle Mounts. Mounts are usually for unique appearance, pure movement speed, or unique benefits like two-man mounts. Battle Mounts on the other hand can be used in-battle, allowing you to gain the increased Movement Speed near permanently, attacks and spells can all be done while mounted.

Mounts Edit

Scarfed Alpaca Sculpture : is the First Mount in the English version of Lucent Heart, you will get it for free through Accumulated Time Rewards, the second Reward given at 7 Minutes of play. Though this Mount will only last 7 days, it provides a good +100 Movement Speed and that is more than enough time to buy or earn a permanent one.

Wolf : is the easiest Mount to get, it provides one of the lowest Movement Speed bonuses of +40, and is available for 5,000 Gold from any Beast Tamer.

Dark Wolf : is the second easiest of the permanent Mounts to get, it requires 40 Green Point Coupons from Daily Quests to buy at the Cuiosities Vendor, but it provides +100 Movement Speed, and you can get it in a matter of days after you reach level 25.

Battle Mounts Edit

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