Wizards who wish to focus their training on the destructive powers of Fire and Water choose to become Moonflame Envoys. They unlock devastating magical attacks, can teleport around the battlefield, and access powerful area of effect spells. They also get the special ability to disable mechanical monsters and one to put enemies to sleep.

Active SkillsEdit

Type Icon Name Description
Fire Ball Fire Ball Cast a fire ball at your enemy.
Shooting Star Shooting Star Cast a more powerful fire ball at your enemy.
Moon Flame Moon Flame Launch a wave of fire at your target.
Lightining Lightining Electrify your target.
Solar Storm Solar Storm Summon a solar storm in a selected area which hits up to 6 enemies.
Arctic Blast Arctic Blast Summon an arctic blast in a selected area which hits up to 6 enemies.
Pillars Of Frost Pillars of Frost Launch pillars of frost toward your selected location to a maximum of 6 enemies in its path.
Elemental Aegis Elemental Aegis Creates a shield on a selected teammate that can absorb elemental damage.
Cleanse Spirit Cleanse Spirit Removes a non-physical negative effect on an ally.
Demeter's Absolute Aegis Demeter's Absolute Aegis Grants the caster immunity to the negative effects of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air spells.
Transmute Transmute Sacrifice your HP to convert it into MP.
Traverse Traverse Instantly teleports the caster to a targeted area.
Carabosse's Whisper Carabosse's Whisper Puts a target to sleep through hypnosis.
Petrify Petrify The ground beneath you quakes immobilizing up to 6 enemies.
Stasis Field Stasis Field Disable a Mechanical or Item type monster. The monster will be unable to move or attack, but its health will regenerate.

Passive SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Enlightment Enlightment Increases maximum MP.
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