If you have a fascination with magic and would use it to destroy your foes and aid your allies, then the Mage path is the answer. You will be able to hone your attack spells by becoming a Wizard, or perfect your healing and support abilities as a Priest.

Active SkillsEdit

Type Icon Name Description
Frigid Bolt Water element spell. Fires a bolt of ice at a target every 1.1 seconds and reduces Movement Speed. Temporarily reduces target's Air Defense.
Fire Ball Fire element spell. Cast a fireball at your enemy. Temporarily reduces target's Water Defense.
Self Preservation Recovers your HP.
Psyche's Greater Heal Recovers a target's HP.

Passive SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Enlightment Increases maxium MP.
Mage Regalia Enables you to equip scepters, magic swords and magic shields.
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