Mechanic Production QuestsEdit

In game: press F12 to open the Help window, click on the "Item" tab at the top and "Craft" on the left side.

Crafting Level 01 // Character Level 04
Map: Thereall
NPC: Talk to [Crafting Workshop Administrator] Quincy to enter the Machine Workshop, talk to [Mechanic] Sheila for an introduction into Machine Crafting (she will require a 50 gold fee).

Crafting Level 02 // Character Level 10
Map: Breezing Land
Monster: Floating Mask (General Level 8), Mysterious Puppets (General Level 10)

Crafting Level 03 // Character Level 15
Map: Hercules Hill
Monster: Sleepy Bear Cub (Strong Level 14) (Use Igniters to summon them from caves.)
Map: Ancient Ruins
Monster: Thunder Clan Explorers (Strong Level 15)

Crafting Level 04 // Character Level 20
Map: Ancient Ruins
Monsters: Thunder Clan Trapper (Strong Level 20 - Day), Lowland Frogs (General Level 19)

Crafting Level 05 // Character Level 25
Map: Melody Valley
Monsters: Mysterious Valley Flower (General Level 24), Allegro Melody (General Level 24)

Crafting Level 06 // Character Level 30
Map: Pegasus Field
Monsters: Agile Thief (General Level 28), Gold Thief (General Level 27)
Map: Blooming Forest
Monster: Prowling Forest Mic (General Level 30)

Crafting Level 07 // Character Level 35
Map: Argos Bay
Monsters: Square Sail Helmsman (General Level 35), Old Quarry Sentry (Strong Level 34), Old Quarry Recruit (Strong Level 33)

Crafting Level 08 // Character Level 40
Map: Whispering Grave
Monsters: Mutated Metal (General Level 40 - Day), Mechanized Jailer Model I (Strong Level 37 - Day), Mechanical Jailer Prototype (Strong Level 39 - Day)

Crafting Level 09 // Character Level 45
Map: Sacred Forest
Monsters: Rebellious Recruit (Strong Level 42), Rebellious Sentry (Strong Level 42), Rebellious Muskateer (Very Strong Level 43)

Crafting Level 10 // Character Level 50
Map: Coast of Siren
Monsters: Reef Singers (Strong Level 42), Reef Mermaids (Strong Level 42), Reef Guards (Very Strong Level 44)

*Note - The quest is picked up from [Master Craftsperson] Old Pete located in the Black Market area.

Crafting Level 11 // Character Level 55 - Party recommended!!
Map: Stormy Shore
Monster: Weak Souls (Very Strong Level 54 - Night)
Map: Well of Silence
Monster: Outlaw Bodyguard (General Level 53)

Crafting Level 12 // Character Level 60
Map: Icarus Rift
Monsters: Winged Menders (General Level 60), Winged Artisans (General Level 62)

Crafting Level 13 // Character Level 65
Map: Heart of Fire
Monsters: Prowling Digger Beast (General Level 66), Turbine Survey Machine (General Level 68)
Map: Hephaestus Tableland
Monster: Ash Element (Very Strong Level 70)

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