This page will be split into the various types of Player Guides, more work can be done later, for now it will just link to individual player games with credit given, if anyone does not want their guide listed here, remove it and leave a note, or request it removed and whoever removes it leave a note not to post said guides again~

General Data Google Doc List Edit

Lucent Heart Open Source Data Google Doc by LH Community

Class Guides Edit

Galaxy Sage Q&A By Ixil

Crafting Quest Guides Edit

Delicious Guild Crafting Quest Guides by Anna

Delicious Guild Repair & Crafting Elements List

Astrolabe Guides Edit

Regalis Guild Astrolabe Guide(6 Zodiacs) by Kiaze

Astrolabe Screenshots(Other 6 Zodiacs) by Kaitou

Daily Quest Guide Edit

Delicious Guild Daily Quests Guide

Faith System Guides Edit

Faith System Info by Oxycore

Soul Mate/Cupid Guide Edit

Delicious Guild Soul Mate Skills & Flowers Guide

Delicious Guild Cupid Dungeons Guide

Zone Guides Edit

Basic Zone/Monster List by Kaitou

Misc. Guides Edit

How To Remove Clicking Sound Guide by KatharineLH

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