The Galaxy Sage is one of two classes availible to player who have selected the Wizard path. Unlike the Moonflame Envoy which focuses on Fire and Water spells, the Galaxy Sage focuses its training around the elements of Air and Earth. When using abilities in unison they can be a deadly force against single targets and multiple targets alike. Additionally, a Galaxy Sage provides unique stat bonuses to its surrounding teammates and also has the ability to recharge MP at the cost of its own HP.

Active SkillsEdit

Type Icon Name Description
Athena's Spear Shoots Air damage to one target.
Tempest Hits up to 6 enemies of Air damage around the caster.
Tataleah's Meteor Shoots Earth damage to a target.
Siphon's Life Absorbs target's HP.


Nebula Explosion

Increases Cast Speed, Magic Crit Damage and MP regeneration for a short period.

Spiritual Sacrifice Sacrifice own HP to regenerate target's MP.
Ancient Knowledge Increases PERC for all nearby teammates.
Athena's Wisdom Increases INT for all nearby teammates.
Tranquil Aura Increases Max MP and MP recovery rate.
Invoker's Aura Increases Spellpower but reduces resistance against magic.
Mental Interference Decreases target's casting speed.
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