The Dawn Prophet is one of two classes a Priest can become. The class is a combination of healing support, defensive buffing, and offensive debuffing. The Dawn Prophet's healing is in the form of buffs that heal over time, while in contrast, their offensive Omens are designed to cripple an enemy's ability to use skills or mitigate damage. In addition, a Dawn Prophet acquires new group support abilities that range from increasing health and health regeneration to the ability to resurrect a fallen teammate while still in combat.

Active SkillsEdit

Type Icon Name Element Description
Offensive Omen of Misfortune Omen of Misfortune Earth When a target is afflicted by this Omen it will take more damage when victim falls to a Critical Hit and reduces it's Fire defense.
Flame Orbs Flame Orbs Fire Conjure orbs of fire which bombard your target.
Faultline Faultline Earth Instantly attacks your target with shards of stone.
Omen of Destruction Omen of Destruction Fire Inflict massive Fire damage to your target, reducing it's Water defense temporarily.
Supportive Omen of Consumption Omen of Consumption Air Absorbs MP from your target and reduces the targets Earth' defense.
Life Surge Life Surge Earth Restores your targets HP plus your spellpower every 3 seconds.
Shock of Vitality Shock of Vitality Air Send a bolt of potentially revitalizing electricity, if targets HP is above 40%, it'll take damage.
Ressurrect Resurrect Earth Ressurects a teammate and can be used while in battle.
Physical Barrier Physical Barrier Earth Increases a teammate's Physical Defense.
Life Ward Life Ward Air Reduces the hostility of the player.
Psyche'sKissIcon Psyche's Kiss Fire Heals a friendly target plus spellpower every 2 seconds.
Psyche's Healing Touch Psyche's Healing Touch Air Instantly restores your target's HP .

Special SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Healing Aura Healing Aura Increases maximum HP and HP Recovery Rate within a certain range.
Prophets Aura Prophet's Aura Increases defense against, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air magic. Reduces Magic Damage and decreases your chance to be Critically hit by Spells.
Dawn Crusader Dawn Crusader Instantly takes the form of a Dawn Crusader, while in state, user is unable to cast Earth,Water,Air, or Fire spells, but deals more physical attacks.

Passive SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Sun Signet Sun Signet Increases your defense against Fire Magic.
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