By picking a crafting profession when you reach level 5, you'll be able to start crafting your own items using Recipes and Materials you can buy from various NPCs and which are often dropped by monsters, like the more advanced ones. You can visit the various crafting workshops by seeing NPC Quincy in Thereall.

However, you won't always succeed crafting something, as your Daily Fortune of Work directly affects your success rate. You will also be able to get items to rise your success rate, to help you craft without losing materials or to get items of various qualities.

There are 6 Professions in total:

- Tailoring: crafts armors for Mages and Gunners;

- Jewelry: crafts accessories for all classes;

- Machine: crafts items with different functions;

- Alchemy: crafts potions and other stuff;

- Blacksmith: crafts weapons and shields for all classes and armors for Knights;

- Card Design: crafts cards of various utilities.

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