Interface Edit

1. Character Info

  • Health
  • Mana
  • Experience
  • Zodiac Sign
  • Level
  • Positive & Negative Emotion Gauges
  • Character Face

2. Buffs/Debuffs

  • Buffs
  • Debuffs
  • Mount Icon

3. Target Info

  • Target Name
  • Target Level
  • Target Strength
  • Target Type
  • Target Health %
  • Target Mana %
  • Target's Target

4. Radar & Time/Day

  • Zone Name
  • NPC List Icon
  • Minimap Icon
  • Coordinates
  • Compass
  • Time
  • Day
  • Latency

4a. Minimap

5. Chat & Looted Items

  • Recent Loot Icons
  • System Messages
  • Chat Messages

6. Skill & Hotkey Bars

  • Auto-Pathing Beam Icon
  • Mail Icon
  • Accumulated Time Reward Icon
  • Blessing Icon
  • Increase/Reduce Skill Bar Size & Page
  • Hotkeys 1-9, 0, -, =, Alt1-9, Alt0, Alt-, Alt=

7. Quest Tracker

  • Adjustable Quest Tracker Bar
  • Quests List
  • Go To (Monster/Target Location)
  • Report (To Starting/Ending NPC)
  • Check/Uncheck to Remove From List

8. Menu Bar

9. Main Screen

  • NPCs/Self
  • Hover Damage Numbers
  • Cast Time Bar
  • Global Announcements
  • Skill & Cooldown Messages
  • Quest Item Messages
  • Revive/Return to Town Box

Keyboard Controls Edit

Key Usage
W Move Forward
S Move Backward
A Turn Left
D Turn Right
Spacebar Interact With Selected
Tab Select Nearest Visible Monster
F Follow Target
X Assist Target
F1 Select Self
F2-F6 Select Party Members
F7 Select Nearby NPC
F8 Select Nearest Monster
F9 Activate Fighting Soul

Cancel/Close Windows, Open Game Settings

Enter Input Chat Field
Up Scroll Up Through Chat
Down Scroll Down Through Chat
PageUp Increase Chat Box Size
PageDown Decrease Chat Box Size
Home Face North
Insert Reset Camera Position
NumPad + Zoom In
NumPad - Zoom Out
F10 Show/Hide UI Toggle
F11 Take Screenshot
Alt + Enter Windowed/Full Screen Switch
C Character Stats
I Inventory
Q Quest List
E Emote & Misc. Skills List
K Skills List
L Production List
T Astrolabe
V Vendor Tab
R Minimap Toggle
M Zones/World Map
N Newsletter & Billboard
O Social Tab
P Party Tab
B Item Mall
H Eventure Window
F12 Help Window
Y Zodiac Encyclopedia (No Known Use)

Chat Shortcuts Edit

Key Usage
~ General Chat
/ Whisper Chat
" Team Chat
< Activity Chat
# Guild Chat
% Horoscope Chat
$ Zone Chat
%t Display Selected Target In Chat
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