All players start as Beginners and can later choose their own path with three different Job Changes: the first at level 4, the second at level 10 and then at level 36 when they access their advanced classes.

Who chooses to become a Phantom Warlock at level 4 however, won't have to change class again. They will instead learn new transformations as they reach level 10, level 28 and level 36.

Level 1 Level 4 Level 10 Level 36


Warrior Warrior

Knight Knight

Solar Guardian Solar Guardian

Celestial Templar Celestial Templar

Gunner Gunner

Comet Marksman Comet Marksman

Nova Sentinel Nova Sentinel

Mage Mage

Wizard Wizard

Moon Flame Envoy Moonflame Envoy

Galaxy Sage Galaxy Sage

Priest Priest

Sun Commissioner Sun Commissioner

Dawn Prophet Dawn Prophet

Phantasm Phantom Warlock

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