After logging in you will first see the Server and Channel selection screens.

Servers are different game worlds, with completely different sets of characters; therefore, coordinate with your friends and choose your server wisely.

Channels are different instances of the world on the same server, allowing players to spread out and prevent kill stealing or lag, you must be on the same Channel as your friends in order to access many functions with them.

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Character Creation Edit

After you click Create you will be able to specify your characters starting information. After you complete creation of your character and Enter the game you will start in the same location as everyone else, Thereall City.

Customization Includes:

Name Edit

The name of your character.

Birth Date Edit

The birth date of your character. One of the most important aspects to take into consideration when creating your character. Your Zodiac, Fortune, and many other things will take place based on your characters Birth Date.

Blood TypeEdit

The blood type of your character.

Facial Expression Edit

The facial expression of your character. Subject to change via in-game Emotes.

Hairstyle Edit

The hairstyle of your character.

Security Pin Edit

The security pin is a 2 digit or greater number you set at character creation, that will allow you to access your inventory, warehouse, and various other functions of your character. The pin is a method of security to prevent anyone who has managed to gain unauthorized access to your account, to be unable to destroy, or steal your items. Your security Pin number can be changed later in-game, but be very careful when initially creating it.

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