Celestial Templar retain their Knightly ability to wear heavy armor and gain the ability to equip unique gun shields which not only provide the same types of protection as other shields but also come equipped with cannons of varying effects that can be used against enemies in battle. There is no need to shy away from tanking as a Celestial Templar if that is what you are interested in because what a Templar lacks in constitution it makes up for in its ability to reduce an opponent's attack power with a single, heavy handed blow. A Celestial Templar is also perfect frontline commander with the ability to appoint specialists from each of the three branches which provides unique bonuses to selected teammates.

Active SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Heavy Handed Deals normal attack damage to your target, reduces its melee attack, and increases hostility toward you.
Blitz Increases movement speed and melee attack of nearby teammates.
Tactical Retreat Increases movement speed and physical agility of nearby teammates, but reduces accuarcy.
Mars Shield Summons a shield which surrounds the templar and allies. HP cannot be reduced to 0 while shield remains active.
Defence Formation Order teammates to switch into a defence formation which reduces movement speed and physical damage taken.
Attack Formation Order teammates to switch into an attack formation which increases their physical attack accuracy and critical hit chance.
March Formation Order teammates to switch into a march formation which increases movement speed. Physical agility is reduced and damage taken by physical critical hits is increased.
Relentless Assault Deals increased attack damage plus additional damage to your target.
Melee Specialist Promote a teammate to team's melee specialist. Increases chance to block and attack damage.
Firearm Specialist Promote a teammate to team's firearm specialist. Increases accuracy and attack damage.
Caster Specialist Promote a teammate to team's caster specialist. Increases spellpower.
Rallying Cry Removes fear, stunned, disoriented, hypnotized or awestruck for all nearby teammates.
Templar's Shield Increases your chance to block physical attacks. Attackers have a chance to be counterattacked by your shield which reduces their movement speed and increases their chance to suffer from a physical critical hit.


Icon Name Description
Templar's Arsenal Enables you to equip celestial templar specifc assault shields.
Toughness Increases constitution and non-combat HP recovery.
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