Designing cards takes time and inspiration and also requires an understanding of magic. Some say that a scribes pencil acts as a magic wand but worry not, Gunners and Knights can still inscribe cards just as well as a Priest or Wizard. Speak with [NPC] Quincy, the Crafting Workshop Administrator in Thereall City of Peace, to visit the Card Designer Workshop.
The cards that Card Designers can create have a variety of effects that fit into different categories.
Recovery types include cards that restore mana and health, revive comrades, and transfer health from the person using the card to their target and cards that increase passive health and mana regeneration. Combat types include cards that increase casting and attack speed, accuracy, and damage. Defense types include cards that increase physical, ranged, and magical defense. Support type cards include cards that provide temporary shields for certain types of damage, including physical and magical.

Card Design Production QuideEdit

In game: press F12 to open the Help window, click on the "Item" tab at the top and "Craft" on the left side.

Crafting Level 01 // Character Level 04
Map: Thereall
NPC: Talk to [Crafting Workshop Administrator] Quincy to enter the Card Design Workshop, talk to [Card Designer] Scarlett for an introduction into Card Design Crafting (she will require a 50 gold fee).

Crafting Level 02 // Character Level 10
Map: Hercules Hill [Map Location]
Monster: Thunder Clan Giants (Strong Level 10)

Crafting Level 03 // Character Level 15
Map: Hercules Hill [Map Location]
Monster: Sleepy Bear Cub (Strong Level 14) (Use Igniters to summon them from caves.)
Map: Ancient Ruins [Map Location]
Monster: Thunder Clan Explorers (Strong Level 15)

Crafting Level 04 // Character Level 20
Map: Ancient Ruins [Map Locations]
Monsters: Cruel Hunters (Strong Level 20 - Night), Thunder Clan Trappers (Strong Level 20 - Day)

Crafting Level 05 // Character Level 25
Map: Melody Valley [Map Locations]
Monsters: Mysterious Valley Flower (General Level 24), Allegro Melody (General Level 24)

Crafting Level 06 // Character Level 30
Map: Pegasus Field [Map Locations]
Monsters: Midnight Witch (Strong Level 29 - Night), Agile Thief (General Level 28)
Map: Blooming Forest [Map Location]
Monster: Prowling Forest Mic (General Level 30)

Crafting Level 07 // Character Level 35
Map: Argos Bay [Map Locations]
Monsters: Square Sail Helmsman (General Level 35), Old Quarry Sentry (Strong Level 34), Old Quarry Recruit (Strong Level 33)

Crafting Level 08 // Character Level 40
Map: Whispering Grave [Map Locations]
Monsters: Mutated Metal (General Level 40 - Day), Mechanized Jailer Model I (Strong Level 37 - Day), Mechanical Jailer Prototype (Strong Level 39 - Day)

Crafting Level 09 // Character Level 45
Map: Sacred Forest [Map Locations]
Monsters: Rebellious Sentry (Strong Level 42), Rebellious Recuirts (Strong Level 43), Rebellious Musketeer (Very Strong Level 43)

Crafting Level 10 // Character Level 50
Map: Coast of Siren [Map Locations]
Monsters: Flowing Water Witches (Strong Level 43), Gusty Air Witches (Strong Level 44)
Map: Sacred Realm of the God of War [Map Locations]
Monsters: Flaming Witches (Strong Level 43), Earth-Quaking witches (Strong Level 44)

*Note - The quest is picked up from [Master Craftsperson] Old Pete located in the Black Market area. [Map Location]
Crafting Level 11 // Character Level 55 - Party recommended!!
Map: Stormy Shore [Map Location]
Monster: Weak Souls (Very Strong Level 54 - Night)
Map: Well of Silence [Map Location]
Monster: Outlaw Bodyguard (General Level 53)

Crafting Level 13 // Character Level 65
Map: Heart of Fire [Map Location]
Monsters: Prowling Digger Beast (General Level 66), Wood Farm Guard (General Level 66 - Day)
Map: Hephaestus Tableland [Map Location]
Monster: Ash Element (Very Strong Level 70)

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